Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Dancing, after all.

"We decided to have a DJ after all," Leanne announced.
"Well, Greg wants one."
"That means you're going to have to dance. What's your first dance going to be?" I continued on and warned her, "You know my first dance rule.*"
"Yeah, yeah. I think ours is going to be the song from The Wedding Singer."
I start singing badly and mangling the words.. "You look to me like you're lots of fun... open up your loving arms, watch out here I come."
She laughed. "No. The song from the end. When they're on the plane."
I groaned. "I think you should stick with You Spin Me Round."
*I believe the choice of song for the first dance can predict how long the marriage will last. For instance, At Lastby Etta James; three years. Wonderful Tonight by Eric Clapton; two years.

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