Tuesday, October 2, 2007

When you walk

It came from a mutual acquaintance basically an announcement he was moving on with his life, going overseas, and pursuing dreams.

Even though two months have passed, it was only two weeks ago I saw him for the first time, three times in four days.

The first two times I saw the back of his head, him walking away quickly, knowing I was present. The third time we actually passed in the hall, our eyes connecting as he lifted his hand and said 'hi', while I kind of nodded a 'hi' back and kept walking.

And even though it was small, insignificant hanging-out-relationship in the grand scope of life, still,... no longer will there be the caution of taking different routes to avoid him, looking for his car in the parking lot, or running into him at work.

And I'm sad he's leaving. I miss his friendship. 


  1. Thoughtful post. It's hard to see people leave.

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