Saturday, September 29, 2007

Persistence... and irritants.

You can barely see my eyes because they are so utterly PUFFED UP from this massive sinus infection I am currently recovering from. However, I am not so utterly stupid or clueless when it comes to matters like the following. Like, take this strange pervy guy, who sends me a message every time I am online, probably has no social skills, and I imagine likes to jerk off in front of his webcam.

August 16
bluezeus7: was testing out cam
eileen: were you talking about a webcam?
bluezeus7: yes mine
bluezeus7: is it ok to try it out?
eileen: i can't see you
eileen: doesn't bother me

And just now, the same thing.

September 29
bluezeus7: was tryin cam out
eileen: you were months ago too
bluezeus7: what happened
eileen: you were trying your cam
bluezeus7: oh was it ok?
eileen: i have no clue, i don't like those things and don't watch them
bluezeus7: need you to help me test now
eileen: it doesn't work on my computer, sorry
bluezeus7: yes it does , its easy
eileen: no, it doesn't. I don't chat on Yahoo, I chat on a program called Trillian, which doesn't allow cam viewing access.
eileen: besides, i kind of think it's creepy that all the time you want someone to watch you on cam
bluezeus7: oh now its creepy, and now u dont look at em?
bluezeus7: change your name to The Retardian on Trillian
eileen: wtf? at least i'm not trying to pimp myself out on a webcam
bluezeus7: you can do better than that

And I can do better than that. I can help him. Horny wo/men of world, check out Mr Blue. He'd love to display himself on his webcam if you're willing...

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