Monday, September 3, 2007

Itemised billing

It wasn't by choice, but I was dragged by two dining companions to one of those American eateries where the menu consists of substandard burgers, salads, and an assortment of fruity cocktails that the server is required to offer you because they know the quickest way to up the cost of your bill is to get you drunk on empty calories.
While I desperately try to not base opinions of individuals based off those loud, nasally, Fran Drescher-esque voices, I immediately drew conclusions of the woman who was back-to-back with me at the table. Oh, and I tried, for minutes, to figure out why her voice was familiar and how I knew her.
And while I blatantly eavesdropped, I came to the point where I was ashamed on behalf of all womankind, for what the woman did.
"The fiesta chicken is only 9.99.... or, we could get the trio, that's 10.99.... I know it's a lot of food, but weren't we going to have a small dinner?.... so what do you want to get, we get to choose three things, and I definitely want the tex-mex rolls, and you'll want the mini-cheeseburgers... here's bite-sized dessert samples for 1.99..."
Seriously women.
Do you consider the man to be illiterate and unable to read a menu on his own?

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