Thursday, September 20, 2007


There's a birthday gift for a certain someone that has been sitting in the front seat of my car. She knows who she is. She is not forgotten. It is just that I am too stupid to write down her address, take her gift to the post office, and mail her package.
I think I'm getting more dyslexic as I get older. I just wrote the previous sentence and wrote the word mail as male, maile, then mail. Then I realised I wrote the subject as Ramdonness instead of Randomness.
My work laptop sucks. I have no wireless here at home and well, I've been blogging from the Frank, the work laptop, from home lately, just due to the INSANE amount of work I have been doing from home every single evening and needing to connect to my employers VPN. There is some little flicky-flicky-flicky thing that occurs when I try to comment on blogs. Trust me. I read your blogs. I want to desperately comment. I simply can't.
Now, run along to your perfect little lives.

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