Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Two unrelated things

"His mother is already worried that people are going to get drunk at the reception. I told him he invited his best friends, and well, the only people on my side that will get drunk are me and you."

"Well, I'm not going to wait for the reception. I'm going to have a flask of vodka to help get me through the ceremony."

"You will not. That's sacrilegious."

"Why not? Catholics do it."

"You can't. It's a Presbyterian church."

"Well… I'll drink cheap vodka."
I have a date for Wednesday, and well, I was nervously racking my brain to cancel on him because I deliberately double-booked to go out with my current Number One instead.

However, I Didn't Want To Lie. The energy I spent all weekend, well, I'm sure could charge one of those potato-powered clocks or some other ninth-grade science experiment. Number One - Matt - you see, his ex-wife went to school with my friend's husband. Ten years ago. They have history, a connection. And by virtue of this connection, there is a friendship because they all hung out, which is, well, instant fun double-dates, when everyone automatically likes everyone and laugh at the hysteria of bad hairstyles of feathered hair and teen alcohol consumption and other high school pranks... or well, I can merely sit and laugh because I was not part of the crowd. I can just thank my lucky stars they aren't talking to my high school friends.
So, you see, there was overwhelming pressure to cancel on New Number Two - Nate - because I Didn't Want To Lie. But I didn't have to, b ecause he blew me off.
But hey, I'm going out with Matt on Wednesday and Thursday. A long term commitment in the world of Eileen Dover.

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