Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When lesbians make a gym teacher

Carrie and I were walking around and she casually asked, "Have you ever met Lisa?" and I shook my head no in response. She laughed. "You think you have a dyke-do? She fits the prototype, if you know what I mean."
"Ahh, the gym teacher mold." I grinned, and continued, speaking of our favourite other lesbian-in-disguise, a woman we were sure was a gym teachers favourite student, until her pregnancy was announced months ago and so was the fact she's had a live-in boyfriend for over eleven years. "I saw Jenny at lunch the other day."
"Does she look pregnant?"
"No. She's almost seven months. She just looks like she over-indulged on the salt intake and is puffed up from water retention, and wearing umpire-waisted dresses to try and pass herself off as knocked up."
Carrie stopped for a second, puzzled. "Umpire? Don't you mean empire?"
I blanked. "Oh. I was still thinking of sports and gym teachers."

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